Electric furnaces to preheat or dry components up to a variety of temperatures (50°C to 700ºC/120°F to 1,290°F).

These furnaces generate heat by means of electrical resistance (ceramic tubes, among many others).

Electric furnaces are experiencing significant growth in the industry since, unlike gas furnaces, they do not generate greenhouse gases, only heating the air within the internal chamber.

Currently it is very important to analyze in which processes gas furnaces can be replaced by electric furnaces, which mainly depends on the application, the process operating temperature, among other key factors.

The electric furnaces offered by Nutec Bickley present an alternative to using fuel to heat, preheat or dry components of a particular process (applies just to certain processes and industries).

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Heat seal on the perimeter of the furnace to protect the internal temperature

The furnace door can have vertical or horizontal lifting mechanisms, depending on the customer's requirements, and a seal is generated when it is closed to prevent heat from being lost to outside the furnace.

The insulation system can be with our own ceramic fiber, or, if the process or the client requires it, with refractory brick.



Advantages of electric furnaces

  • Strong and stable steel structure of refractory construction.
  • Durable refractory designs for the furnace cars, with high thermal shock resistance capacity.
  • We offer a variety of material handling systems for maximum furnace production, be it various cars, doors, loading or unloading equipment.
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that electricity consumption is at an optimal level.




  • We can incorporate the type of heating elements that our client wants or prefers to use, always suggesting first those recommended or most appropriate for the particular process or application.

  • Control algorithm by temperature zones to achieve the best homogeneity with the lowest consumption of electrical energy.


Industries and processes where electric furnaces are used:

  • Glass
  • Automative
  • Electric components

  • Curing
  • Drying
  • Heat treatment

  • Stress relieving
  • Preheating of molds (continuous or intermittent, among others)



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