Nutec Bickley has a high level of experience in aluminum furnaces and is an international leader in the design, manufacture and installation of innovative energy efficient heat treatment systems for the aluminum industry. The company is a member of the Aluminum Association.

Heat Treating

Nutec Bickley supplies both continuous and batch heat treat furnaces/ovens (including solution, homogenizing, and aging), preheat furnaces for forging, die and mould preheaters, and basketless ovens. The company also supplies complete automatic handling systems, with conveyors and robotics. The range includes:


Some key features are:

  • Designs conforming to AMS 2750, NADCAP and AIAG CQI-9 standards
  • High convection designs for rapid heat-up
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Reversing air flow system designed to improve uniform heating in large products
  • Customized air distribution to match air flow pattern requirements according to load configuration
  • SCADA control systems
  • High-performance cooling chamber configurations
  • Stable steel frame construction
  • Minimal maintenance and extended service life
Homogenizing Of Logs Ingots

Nutec Bickley provides heat treating furnaces with the best technology for the following processes: Normalizing, Austenitizing, Tempering, Annealing and stress relieving and malleabilizing. Our equipment

  • Heavy duty and stable steel frame and refractory construction.
  • High convection oven design to improve the fast heat up of the aluminum.
  • Reversing air flow system design to improve uniform heating.
  • High convection Cooling chamber design in order to achieve the required cooling rates and log properties.
  • Cooling chamber designs with air or combination of air / water mist.

Nutec Bickley provides preheating units with the best technology to preheat load before melting as sows, tee´s, ingots, steel molds for hot painting and steel molds and tools for hot assembly and operation. Our equipment:

  • Increase melting production rates.
  • Non burner required options.
  • Use of external energy source using hot gases from existing melting furnaces when possible.
  • Heavy duty and stable steel frame construction.
  • Control system capability to maintain stable furnace source operation.
Hot Welding Process Furnaces

Nutec Bickley provides indexed furnaces systems with the best technology for the castings heating for hot welding and stress relieving after welding. Our equipment

aluminum furnaces 2
  • Heavy duty and stable steel frame construction.
  • Fiber linned sections using modules system. Low maintenance systems and allows faster heat up of the furnaces.
  • Pulse firing combustion system to allow an excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Most advanced heat recovery systems with recuperative burners or central recuperators.
  • Blast cool chamber after stress relieving process for safe parts handling, with infrared sensor control.
  • Load and unload tables with transfer system to allow easy product handling.

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Nutec Bickley offers homogenizing furnace systems for ingots and heat treating of the extrusions themselves