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The purpose is to provide enough thermal energy to dissolve, in a solid solution, the alloy elements present. Without getting into the solid state physics of the metallurgical reactions, dissolution does occur but only at this high temperature. However, if you slowly cool down the part, the copper wants to come back out of solution.

Here is where the important step of quenching takes place. Quenching is a very rapid cool-down, usually using water, at a rate of 500°F to 600°F (260°C to 315°C) per second. Quenching locks in place all alloy elements that have been dissolved at the high solution heat treat temperature. Before the alloy additions can think about changing places and moving back out of solution, they are locked in place by the rapid quench cool-down. The result is called a ‘supersaturated solid solution’, an unstable condition. Quenching is critical to proper solution heat treatment.

Advantages of Solution Heat Treatment

  • The main purpose of aluminum heat treatments is to increase the strength and hardness of a specific subset of aluminum alloys, namely the wrought and cast alloys that are precipitation hardenable.
  • For a certain period after quenching, aluminum alloys are softer and easier to form, following which age hardening occurs.
  • The solution heat treatment process improves mechanical properties.

Furnaces we manufacture for Solution Heat Treatment

Some typical operations might incorporate our roller hearth or basketless carousel furnaces/ovens. Where solution treatment is needed, we can fabricate custom designed water and air quench systems.

Solution heat treating generally takes place up to a maximum temperature of 600°C (1,110°F), and for aging around 260°C (500°F).

Box Furnaces/Ovens


We provide box furnaces and ovens for temperatures ranging from 300ºF to 2,450ºF (150°C to 1,340°C) to perform a wide variety of process applications.

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Drop Bottom


We supply drop bottom quench furnaces to complete solution and T6 heat treatments in a batch configuration.

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Car Bottom Furnaces


We manufacture heavy duty car bottom furnaces in custom designs and dimensions. They have the ability to handle large/heavy loads.

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Roller hearth furnaces


Roller hearth ovens and furnaces are designed for batch process applications, and for indexing–continuous production.

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Basketless Heat Treat OVENS


Nutec Bickley’s Basketless Heat Treatment Systems are designed for the heat treatment of aluminum castings and forgings.



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Great temperature uniformity, performance and quality are some of the characteristics that make us the best designers and manufacturers of furnaces and ovens available in the market.


Advantages of Nutec Bickley Systems

Nutec Bickley supplies aluminum alloy solution heat treatment furnaces featuring the latest technology. Some of the main features are:

Gas-fired heating system (direct or indirect fired)
Electrically heated with low density Incoloy sheathed element
Best soft/low storage insulation available
High velocity air recirculation system with stainless steel baffles
Electromechanical or hydraulic hoist system
Temperature uniformity as good as ±5°F (±3°C)
The quench delay can be as low as five seconds from the time the door begins to open and our quench tanks are supplied with a high agitation system (water or polyalkylene glycol quenchant).
State-of-the-art instrumentation and control is available on all our furnaces and ovens.
Our systems conform to the AMS2750, AMS2770, AMS2771 and AMS2772 aerospace standards and are also in compliance with ASTM B917/B917M and B918/B918M standards.
An optional PAG (polyalkylene glycol) management system can be provided.
Our Heat Treating Furnaces are built with heavy duty and stable steel frame and refractory construction.
Best insulation combination available
State of the art instrumentation and control is available
Best Pulse firing combustion system to allow excellent temperature uniformity and improved fuel consumption is available
Heat Recovery combustion equipment arrangement are available as optional equipment for heat threating furnaces

Industries and applications of Solution Heat Treatment

A number of key industries/processors use this particular technique in their production facilities. These include:


Steel Tempering Furnaces features

Products for aluminum


  • Austenitizing
  • Tempering: They operate in temperature ranges from 150 to 760ºC (300ºF to 1,400ºF). Constructed of a sturdy and stable steel frame of refractory construction.
  • Stress relieving: For the steel and aluminum parts industry, such as manufacturers of railroad tanks, ships, gas tanks, etc.
  • Solution heat treating: Typical operations can incorporate our roller or carousel furnaces. We can manufacture custom air and water cooling systems.
  • Aging: Designed and manufactured to meet MIL-SPEC and the strictest industry standards, such as AIAG's CQI-9 for heat treatment evaluation.
  • Homogenizing
  • Others


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