Bell furnaces are ideal for low temperatures drying or sintering processes in various configurations.

Different bell lifting methods are available, depending on each customer’s requirements and layout.

Bell furnaces are commonly used for intermittent or batch processes. Their principal use is to perform heat treatment, although they can also be used for sintering processes at low temperatures, or for drying.

The load/product is heated inside a mobile cover or dome, which can be removed using a traveling hoist. Alternatively, we can design an automatic lifting mechanism in accordance with customer requirements.

We provide bell furnaces for temperatures ranging from 900ºF (480°C) up to 2,200ºF (1,200°C)

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Advantages offered by bell furnaces

  • Excellent positive seal between furnace and base; furnace can be used with multiple bases.Size: 1 m³ to 500 m³ (35 ft³ to 17,650+ ft³)
  • Different bell lifting methods available, according to customer requirements and design.
  • Bell furnaces offer an economical method of heat treatment when used with multiple bases.
  • A bell furnace’s principal advantage is its simplicity, since not having any mechanism (such as a door or car), allied to its design principle, ensures a positive seal on the floor/base.




  • Normally, a bell furnace can change position or base, with the goal being better productivity, since by having two bases it remains operational for longer. While one load is processed, the other will be cooling or loading/unloading, optimizing furnace use.
  • Low maintenance system by not having mechanisms or moving parts in the furnace. Maintenance is limited to the combustion and control equipment.


Industries or processes where bell furnaces are used


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Great temperature uniformity, performance and quality are some of the characteristics that make us the best designers and manufacturers of furnaces and ovens available in the market.


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Why Nutec Bickley?

  • Custom designs offering the uniformity required for the types of processes involved.
  • Low thermal mass insulation system, without any metal hardware exposed on the furnace hot face.
  • Designed to comply with AMS 2750E, with a temperature tolerance capacity of up to Class 1 if necessary.
  • Flexible designs in a single unit to meet temperature uniformity studies (TUS) from 950°F (510°C) to 2,100°F (1,150°C).
  • Pulse firing combustion systems.
  • Advanced heat recovery systems with recuperative burners offering fuel savings from 10% to 50% compared to cold air systems.
  • Fiber lined sections using our patented Jointless system with a special design to compensate for fiber shrinkage, thereby significantly reducing maintenance.
  • Exterior designs available, with appropriate steel construction parts/components in accordance with NEMA4 or IP65 protection ratings.
  • Cooling nozzle systems available to accelerate and control cooling cycles if required.


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