The combination of important features makes this furnace the ideal equipment for batch solution heat treating of castings, forging and other aluminum parts.

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We provide customized air distribution system, quick door opening, heavy duty lifting mechanism and quench tank with required agitation and sized for proper temperature rise when quenching.

Our units can be heated with direct gas fired combustion system, indirect gas fired combustion system, or electrically with low density heating elements.

We meet requirements for AMS standards (2750, 2770, 2771, 2772); ASTM B917 and 918; CQI-9 or any others you may have. We include state-of-the-art instrumentation and offer customized SCADA system.


  • Pneumatic components
  • Low maintenance fiber-lined sections using the large module system to reduce the amount of joints.
  • Gas fired and indirect gas fired systems available.
  • Fuel: natural gas, LPG, diesel, kerosene, other liquid fuels.

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Great temperature uniformity, performance and quality are some of the characteristics that make us the best designers and manufacturers of furnaces and ovens available in the market.

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Nutec Bickley supplies custom drop bottom furnaces on different sizes to match customer production and process requirements for aluminum heat treatment.

Advantages of drop bottom furnaces

  • Recirculating ventilation systems designed to provide large volume and high velocity air flow through the work zone to ensure uniformity and efficient heat transfer to the load.
  • Customized air distribution designs in order to match the air flow pattern requirements in accordance with product /load arrangement.
  • Quick door opening system.
  • Heavy duty mechanism for load lifting and quenching.
  • Quench system specifically designed depending on product in order to provide excellent results.
  • Designed to comply with AMS 2750E, with temperature tolerance capacity up to class 1 if necessary.
  • Low maintenance fiber-lined sections using the large module system to reduce the amount of joints.
  • Gas fired, indirect gas fired and electric heating systems available.

Industries where Drop Bottom Furnaces are used

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Die Casting
  • Military
  • Any other aluminum industry segment

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In addition to the standard features of the drop bottom furnace line the following options are available:

  • Quench and rinse tanks
  • Seven (7) second quench time
  • Load cars and racks
  • Guaranteed temperature uniformity
  • Advanced control systems
  • Data acquisition and recording
  • Aftermarket services from startup assistance to complete turnkey installations
  • More options available upon request


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