We provide a wide range of aluminum rotary furnaces for steel applications with dimensions from 5ft (1.5m) to 60ft (18m) diameter. These furnaces are mostly used for heat treating and reheating processes.

In many cases these furnaces are integrated with load/unload manipulators to feed forging cells, forming lines, or quenching systems. Much of the ancillary equipment can be supplied by Nutec Bickley with our rotary furnaces.

Rotary Hearth Furnaces offer several advantages for the continuous heating and heat treatment of Steel, Iron and Titanium. The Rotary Hearth Furnace concept can also be provided with forced air heating and recirculation for metals such as aluminum that are heat treated or pre-heated in a forging application.

At Nutec Bickley we provide a wide range of Rotary Hearth Furnace sizes from 5’-0 to 60’-0 diameter with a full hearth or as a Rotary Ring as batch heating (filled once then unloaded) or continuous to match our customers specific needs an process requirements.

In many cases these furnaces are integrated with load and unload Robots or custom manipulators to feed forging cells, forming lines, or quenching systems. Nutec Bickley offers Turn Key integrated solutions.

The flexibility of the Rotary Hearth Furnace design allows for side firing or heating with flat flame style burners mounted in the roof or both if required. Higher temperature furnaces incorporate Low NOx, Recuperative and Regenerative burner technologies. The furnaces can be arranged with one door for loading and unloading or with designated loading and unloading doors as required.

All Nutec Hearth Furnaces are designed with ease of user maintenance and incorporate schemes modular panel sections, precast hearth shapes and removable wall/roof sections for maintenance access.


Rotary Hearth Furnaces offer the following advantages:

  • Furnace loading and unloading from same area eliminating redundant automation
  • Fewer moving parts compared to other furnace schemes
  • Smaller footprint taking up less floor space
  • Door designs that allow side opening to minimize furnace clearance requirements
  • Modular removal of hearth with overhead crane to allow ease of maintenance of sub hearth components




  • Sand, water, or oil seals for specific process requirements
  • Low temperature furnace with recirculation systems and high temperature furnaces for reheating 150º - 1,290ºC (300º- 2350º F)
  • Single door for most batch operations and double door for eliminating shadow effect on discharge pieces on continuous production furnaces
  • Multiple maintenance doors for clean out and repairs
  • All available heat recovery systems can be incorporated into the furnace design


Industries or processes where Rotary Hearth furnaces are used:

  • Normalizing furnaces
  • Solution Treating of Various Grades of Steel: Stainless Steels, Titanium and Aluminum



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Great temperature uniformity, performance and quality are some of the characteristics that make us the best designers and manufacturers of furnaces and ovens available in the market.


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Why Nutec Bickley?

  • Preassembly and testing in our facility ensures proper operation and proper expansion is engineered and proven before shipment
  • In many cases uniformity testing can be carried out prior to shipment in order to prove the process is working as designed
  • Our comprehensive software package allows maintenance-friendly interface screens with in-depth troubleshooting features to allow the equipment to help personnel solve issues quickly
  • The mechanisms are designed to allow maintenance and easy access to the equipment
  • Prefabricated sections and panels provide the ability to replace or repair internal refractory portions without it being a major undertaking



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