Constructed with a water spray system that controls the release of gases and reduces cycle times, thereby minimizing emissions into the atmosphere.

Pyrolysis is a treatment process for organic materials that consists of breaking down the material chemically by increasing its temperature.

The organic material decomposes into volatile material (which must be burned in an incinerator) and a solid residue that, depending on the oxygen level in the furnace, can be soot or ash.

Nutec Bickley pyrolysis furnaces have a main combustion chamber where the material (hooks, racks, fixtures, etc.) is heated in a low oxygen environment where the pyrolysis process takes place.

The gases released from this process are burned in an incinerator that operates above 800°C (1,470°F). Our furnaces have a water spray system that controls the release of gases to the incinerator and reduces cycle times, minimizing emissions into the atmosphere.

Advantages of our Pyrolysis furnaces

  • They have post-combustion chambers that ensure that volatile compound emissions will not be produced.






  • The pieces will be cleaned uniformly and without deformation, once the process has been carried out with Nutec Bickley pyrolysis furnaces.


Industries we serve

  • Those involved in the removal of cured paint, which can be found on different products (hooks, racks, among other accessories).
  • Pyrolysis is recommended where hard paints and/or aggressive components are involved, for environmental reasons.


Processes where pyrolysis furnaces are used

  • Paint stripping of metal tools.



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Why Nutec Bickley?

  • All our pyrolysis furnaces are fully assembled in our plant, prior to shipment to the client, which ensures a quick and problem-free installation on site.
  • Integrated combustion and control systems, which make our furnaces the most efficient and generate the least pollutants of any comparable system on the market.

  • Incinerators included for our furnaces, which eliminate the most dangerous pollutants generated in the furnace and are used in order to prevent them from escaping into the atmosphere.


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