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Here’s what our President had to say this week about past success and future plans

Jan 24, 2020 9:45:41 AM

This is a timely moment to reflect briefly on last year’s achievements and to look forward to plans for 2020.

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Gas flow control in tunnel kilns for greater operational efficiency

Jan 23, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Tunnel kilns are the most efficient in the industry, being used regularly in factories with high continuous production, since the fuel production/consumption ratio is high.

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Annual furnace safety system reviews

Jan 9, 2020 1:18:36 PM

When working with high temperatures using natural gas, if an industrial furnace does not have its safety regulatory instruments properly adjusted it is almost as if we had a time bomb waiting to explode in our plant.

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Electromechanical installation of cast iron molding lines

Dec 30, 2019 11:53:18 AM

Iron foundry is a very specialized industry in both equipment and machinery. That is why commonly in new projects, repairs and maintenance, contractors and installers often encounter problems due to the lack of experience of suppliers in the industry:Some examples of these difficulties are:

  • ...

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Prevention of gas-fueled explosions and fires

Dec 12, 2019 4:53:37 PM

Boiler burners, process furnaces and incinerators must be properly protected against gas-fueled fires and explosions in the event of some combustion system failure.

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DÍA DE MUERTOS (Day of the Dead)

Dec 12, 2019 1:37:00 PM

Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a well-known tradition, celebratedon the second day in November throughout the country and by those ofMexican heritage right across the world. Families and friends join together toremember their loved ones who have died.

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Selection criteria for furnace burners

Nov 18, 2019 10:00:00 AM

When selecting the ideal burner for your application it is necessary to take into account the design characteristics of the application, the performance criteria and the following considerations:

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Prospecting in Perth

Nov 12, 2019 10:50:30 AM

Nutec Bickley’s sales director Adam Slater took the opportunity in September to participate in both the World Gold 2019 and Metplant events, two highly important conferences that took place back to back in Perth, WA, Australia.

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Maintenance checklist to ensure the proper functioning of your furnaces

Nov 11, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Maintaining all furnace components in an optimal condition is vital for consistently good performance during operation.

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Oct 25, 2019 4:51:30 PM

On 10th August, Nutec Group personnel and their families enjoyed a great day in the big outdoors. Early in the morning, more than 130 runners challenged themselves in a 5km trail run through the forest at the company’s training center, located 80km away from our Monterrey headquarters.

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