Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA)

Nutec Bickley has broad international experience in incorporating SCADA into furnace and kiln facilities.


SCADA is a computer-based system that monitors equipment performance in real time and which can control and change settings by communicating with the equipment’s control system. It is configured to store all data for years; this information can be analyzed to replicate the optimum operating conditions of the equipment.

Once installed, operators are able to have complete control of their firing process, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Our latest Industry 4.0 platform integrates the latest technology to not only monitor the process, but also to keep the equipment operating at peak performance with smart maintenance technology. All the data generated during the firing process is stored in Nutec Bickley’s own SCADA system.

This is then used to generate reports, graphs and intelligence data, to help customers in their decision making process.


Process traceability

A SCADA system is able to store all settings and configurations in a specific point in time, enabling furnace and kiln optimum performance to be replicated in future firings of the same product. Data stored includes:

  • Frequency inverter set points
  • Fans and motor set points
  • Oxygen levels
  • Burner output
  • Temperatures and cycles
  • Pressure settings

Storage of performance data

SCADA stores all furnace/kiln performance data so you can pinpoint the appropriate settings to achieve optimal product quality. This includes timely correction or prevention of faults that may adversely affect production quality, by identifying the cause of problems with:

  • Oxygen levels
  • Temperature uniformity
  • Load uniformity

Creating a smart maintenance regime

  • Identifying when your equipment needs maintenance beforehand reduces production downtime
  • Use predictive maintenance instead of corrective maintenance

Obtain real-time graphics and data trending

  • Immediately react to process fluctuations
  • Many factories still keep a manual record of temperature, oxygen levels, and pressure levels. This effort could be used for more valuable tasks

Communicate with other tools

  • SCADA can easily be connected to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for better process traceability
  • With SCADA it’s easier to change graphics and customize screens
  • It offers a much friendlier interface than using a regular HMI


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