Nowadays, with fuel costs constantly increasing, Nutec Bickley is seriously committed with our customers to improve production rates and efficiencies in our kilns, by minimizing fuel usage and providing the latest proven technology in heat recovery systems.

According to the kiln application, Nutec Bickley’s Engineers review process parameters and available area to carefully design and size the required combustion equipment, controls, heat exchanger type & size, and exhaust systems for a complete solution to obtain the optimum kiln operating efficiency.

Our heat recovery systems can include the following options:

  • Pre-heated combustion air up to 425°C (800°F) by integrating a heat exchanger in the exhaust flue.
  • Self-recuperative burners with pre-heated combustion air up to 700°C (1,300°F)
  • Use of regenerative burners to pre-heat combustion air up to 950°C (1,740°F)
  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer Designs
  • Systems to use the energy from the kiln or furnace into other energy consumers within the factory