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We provide you with the best brands on the market

Their excellent engineering and extensive experience generate high quality products and world-class technology, thanks to which they are widely renowned in the field of combustion.


See Fives North American spare parts

They develop and manufacture innovative system solutions for the thermal and process heating industry and for gas engines. They are among the most reliable components in the industry.


See Dungs spare parts

They advance the development of efficient, renewable energies and the responsible and safe management of energy facilities that use fuel gases.


Distributors only in Mexico.

See Honeywell Kromschroder spare parts

Eclipse specializes in different types of burners and in burner packages (fan and components included). It offers competitive price and quality options for various applications, and associated spare parts.


Distributors only in Mexico.

It is a leader in commercial and industrial thermal process solutions and offers the safest, most reliable and efficient solutions in the use of energy for industrial applications.



See Honeywell spare parts

It provides globally approved products specifically designed to optimize process performance, reduce costs, simplify installation and, above all, ensure safe operation.


Distributors only in Mexico.

See Siemens spare parts

Its gas and fuel valves address operational inefficiencies and improve process safety in today's demanding conditions.


Distributors only in Mexico.

See Fisher spare parts

Expert in the automation of production and assembly lines for global and flexible management.


Distributors only in Mexico.

See Delta Elektrogas spare parts

It manufactures products that help increase its customers’ speed to market and rapidly turn their ideas into measurable outcomes.


Distributors only in Mexico.

See ASCO spare parts

Hauck manufactures the most reliable industrial burners for general combustion applications, including solutions for the asphalt, glass, brick, metal, and drying industries. It offers very high capacity burners and has innovated to obtain particularly low nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions.



Distributors only in Mexico.


Maxon's leadership in innovation dates back to the introduction of the PREMIX burners that revolutionized industrial combustion. This leadership has continued in industrial process heating through new technologies, manufacturing techniques, and product designs that exceed environmental and performance requirements of the changing industrial world.


Distributors only in Mexico.

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