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Delta Elektrogas is an expert in automation of production and assembly lines for global and flexible management.

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Delta Elektrogas is an automation expert and provides products for optimizing production and assembly lines, achieving global and flexible management of the complete production system.

Delta Elektrogas uses highly advanced machines and specialised equipment with expert staff to execute high precision machining for an efficient and flexible system.


Safety solenoid valves

  • The VMR: this type of valve is a fast opening solenoid valve that is normally closed.

  • The VML: this type of valve is a safety valve that is normally closed, with fast or slow opening and adjustable rapid section for initial gas flow.

Solenoid valves

This type of device is suitable for high/low stage control of combustion air in industrial gas burners.

  • VRA

  • VLA

  • VTA

Multiple solenoid valves

Multiple solenoid valves

The VMM type of valve is a combination of two valves in a compact and versatile valve housing.

  • The first valve is a fast opening safety solenoid valve.

  • The second valve may be a fast opening or a slow opening solenoid valve to adjust the gas flow, with a first adjustable fast stroke and a second adjustable slow stroke.

  • It is possible to connect a third by-pass / pilot valve, which performs by driver stage or to obtain a second fast (slow) stroke or both.

  • This type of device is suitable for gas and air blocking and adjusting controls in atmospheric burners or fan-assisted burners (with one or two stage operation), in industrial kilns and in all gas equipment that uses regulating trains.

Safety accessories and combustion controls

Gas filters

Filters for gas pipelines with very high holding capacity of dust and impurities, suitable for protection of devices installed downstream.

Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves

These butterfly valves are designed for regulation and control of air and gas flow.

  • VF

  • VFT

  • VFH



Solenoid actuators are designed to operate VF and VFH butterfly valves.

This type of device, connected to VF and VFH butterfly valves, is used in two-stage control of gas and air flow in combustion processes.



  • Servomotors MZ are designed to operate VF, VFT and VFH butterfly valves and LMV linear modulating valves.

  • MZ2 and MZ3 types are suitable for basic adjusting position, operated by cams connected to the drive shaft.

  • MZ5 type is suitable for advanced adjusting position, controlled by analogue signals with very high positioning precision.

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Advantages of our Delta Elektrogas products

  • Installation of spare parts
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  • Startup and commissioning
  • Technical advice
  • Experience of more than 45 years in the market
  • Authorized dealer prices
  • Specialized knowledge in control and combustion equipment
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Catalog of Delta Elektrogas products

Get to know all of our solutions for combustion in this catalog: solenoid valves, gas filters, butterfly valves, actuators, servo motors and more.



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