Siemens combustion controls
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Siemens is the world leader in combustion controls and delivers globally approved products specially designed to optimize process performance, reduce costs, simplify facilities and, above all, ensure safe operation.

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From stand-alone controls and end devices to total combustion control solutions, Siemens is the expert on safety, quality, and performance.

Siemens always exceeds expectations to ensure satisfaction and has a world-class technical support team.

Their combustion controls have a global product portfolio, worldwide safety certifications, an inventory for immediate delivery, and extensive application experience


Siemens SKP actuators: combined with SKP Series valves also from Siemens provide the cutting edge in safe gas supply, pressure regulation and air-fuel ratio control.

  • Actuator SKP15
  • SKP25 actuator
  • SKP55 actuator

Siemens SQM actuators: offer precise control and multiple user-friendly features.

  • SQM5 actuator
  • SQM4 Synchronous Actuator

Shut-off valves

The Siemens VG series single and double gas valve bodies combine with the Siemens SKP series electro-hydraulic actuators to provide multiple flow control functions.

  • VGG10 Single Valves
  • VGD20 Double Valves
  • VGD40 Double Valves
  • VRD40 Biogas Double Valves

Control valves

Precise flow control is achieved with VKG threaded, VKF1x flanged, VKP proportional or VRG biogas control valves. VA assemblies or coupling/bracket options provide quick and straightforward installation of Siemens actuators.

Temperature sensors

Immersion sensors are for measuring liquid temperature and pressure sensors.

  • QAC22
  • QAM-P210
  • QAE2012.903


The Siemens RWF series single loop temperature/pressure control accepts a variety of input signals. The floating control option eliminates the need for electronics in control motors, reducing overall component and installation costs.

  • RWF10

Flame failure systems

The Siemens LME7 Flame Safeguard sets a new standard for flexible, cost effective burner supervision. Ease of installation, programming and commissioning are incorporated into a reliable, field proven control.

  • Integrated Actuator Control Siemens LME7
  • SQM4 actuator
  • OCI Communication Module
  • ACS410 PC Commissioning Tool
  • Reliable Flame Monitoring
  • AZL Remote Display

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Advantages of our Siemens combustion products

  • Installation of spare parts
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  • Technical advice
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Catalog of Siemens combustion products

Get to know all of our solutions for combustion in this catalog: actuators, shut off valves, control panels, thermometers and more.



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