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We have a wide range of services that provide support and advisory, from the most prepared and trained people of the industry

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Technical Services

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Combustion equipment adjustments and calibration


Burners adjustments for the optimum combustion, that guarantees the highest efficiency in fuel consumption, complying the requirements of process and product quality.

Revision and Repairs of combustion trains


Revision and failure detection of combustion and control systems, diagnosis and repairs, including electrical, mechanical, insulation, control and other kind of failures.



Preventive maintenance service to combustion and control systems and equipment, combustion trains, burners, valves, regulators, actuator motors, turbo fans, etc.



By getting a service policy with us, you will have more time to do what you do best, take care of your business, at the same time ensure the quality of maintenance service, obtaining maximum productivity of your furnace, contracts for periods starting from 1 year and up, the periodicity of the services visits will depend of the equipment and process.

Corrective Maintenance


If there is a problem we will fix it, from the repairs of components to the repair of the whole system

Evaluation and diagnosis of furnaces, kilns and combustion systems


Diagnosis of the equipment by doing a full revision and testing, a detailed report with all the physical and operative conditions of the equipment its generated, including also findings and recommendations to improve the performance of your equipment. It includes revision and diagnosis of the mechanical systems, control, pneumatic, insulation and combustion system.

Energetic studies


We do the measurements to determine the actual performance of furnaces and kilns, we compare with the design operational characteristics and provide recommendations to improve the performance of the equipment looking for more efficient fuel consumption, and eliminating heat leakages.

Combustion Seminars


Nutec Bickley hosts annually his Combustion Seminar where all kinds of personnel will achieve the technical skills in order to understand and resolve all kinds of issues regarding combustion systems.