Flow balance analysis

We perform computational fluid dynamics studies to analyze flow distribution in convection ovens recirculation systems.

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Failure to perform flow balance analysis can pose problems, since you otherwise risk:

  • Operating below optimal levels
  • Not maintaining good temperature uniformity
  • Increased gas consumption.
  • Heating times longer than desired

We can help you solve all kinds of these problems.

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Benefits of our oven flow balance service

  • Gas velocity measurement.

  • Inspection of recirculation ducts.

  • Validation of the recirculation duct configuration.
  • Design improvements for the injection baffles.

  • Optimization of oven temperature uniformity.

  • Redesign of complete recirculation systems.

We resolve:

  • When you are experiencing excessive gas consumption.
  • When you have quality problems due to poor heating of components.
  • When there is a process change, for which it is necessary to review the design of your oven.
  • If the necessary surveys are not currently being performed.

And any other problem that may arise in your combustion equipment

Our flow balance analysis service includes:

  • Computational fluid dynamics analysis.
  • Recommendations and generation of an improvement project proposal.
  • Field surveys for technology changes in your ovens or combustion systems.
  • Technical audit report detailing our findings and resolutions.


If you can share the following information with us, we can help you more rapidly:

Your oven production data (type of pieces to be heated, product data, operating temperature, etc.).

Process data (operating temperature, internal pressure of the oven, cycle time, thermal capacity of burners, etc.)

Diameters and lengths of gas recirculation system ducts and pipes.

Share a schematic drawing of the installed instrumentation, so we can identify the structure of the oven and its components.

Procedure to engage our troubleshooting service:



Call us and tell us about your need or problem.



We will send you a quote.



We will schedule the visit to your plant to perform the service.



Follow-up after your results, or to address additional queries.

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Do I need to cease operating my oven while measurements are taking place?

Not necessarily, if you have technical information about the process and the oven.

By what margin can I improve my process through achieving the correct flow distribution?

Suitable analysis has to be carried out in each individual case; however, we have managed to improve oven operation by up to 20%.

In which geographical areas do you provide your service?

We provide these services throughout the world, regardless of your geographical area.

Do you only service Nutec Bickley ovens?

We can support all kinds of combustion equipment with our services, regardless of the make/brand.


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