Furnace troubleshooting

We provide troubleshooting services for any make/brand of combustion system or industrial furnace. We are experts in solving all kinds of combustion system problems.

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Not having access to the advice of a combustion specialist can pose a problem, since you are otherwise exposed to:

  • Insulation failures.
  • Poor productivity.
  • Production stoppages
  • Combustion and control problems

We can help you solve all kinds of these problems.

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Benefits of our troubleshooting service for your combustion systems


Rapid response time

We know that every second counts and that wasted time can prove very costly, so we respond quickly.


Compliance with the NFPA 86 standard

We work with strict procedures in compliance with this exacting American standard.


Robust solutions

Solve your operational problems accurately – we have a very broad knowledge of these systems, thanks to our years of experience


Expert advice

Support from specialists in various engineering disciplines – mechanical, electrical, programming, insulation, combustion, etc.



Work safely

Ensure you have safer, explosion-proof processes for the protection of all employees.


Remote assistance

We have procedures to support you remotely; we employ augmented reality and video conferencing.

We resolve:

  • Burner ignition failures
  • Temperature uniformity problems
  • Flame detection failures
  • Defective or low quality production
  • High gas consumption
  • Breach of anti-explosion safety measures

And any other problem that may arise in your combustion equipment

Our troubleshooting service includes:

  • On-site or remote support from one of our service team’s engineers, someone with extensive experience in various industries, equipment, brands and processes.
  • We will provide you with a specialized technical report that outlines the diagnosis of your problem, specific activities carried out, and final resolution.
  • We have tools to detect, measure, quantify and validate a wide range of combustion, electrical, mechanical problems, etc.
  • We closely follow up on your case to confirm that everything is going well and that you are completely satisfied.
  • We work in accordance with world-class safety standards and procedures, and in compliance with NFPA 86.

If you can share the following information with us, we can help you more rapidly:

Data on the part, model and brand of the equipment that is failing, to enable us to consult the appropriate technical data sheet and quickly locate possible causes.

If it is a problem with the furnace, please share the electrical engineering diagrams with us so that we can study them.

Share a schematic drawing of the installed instrumentation, so we can identify the structure of the furnace and its components.

Site access information, so that we can enter and work in your plant: security measures, protective equipment (PPE), documentation, permits, medical clearance, etc.

Procedure to engage our troubleshooting service:



Call us and tell us about your need or problem.



We will send you a quote.



We will schedule the visit to your plant to perform the service.



Follow-up after your results, or to address additional queries.

Ask for technical support


What kinds of problems can you help me with?

We assist you with combustion and control problems, insulation failures, poor productivity, production stoppages, etc.

Can you help me in urgent cases?

At Nutec Bickley we know that downtime can be very costly, so we respond quickly.

Do you only service Nutec Bickley furnaces?

We can support all kinds of combustion equipment with our troubleshooting service, regardless of the brand.

Do you provide remote servicing?

Yes, we offer advice via telephone. Ask about our new augmented reality system.

Can you modify my systems in order to comply with NFPA 86?

Of course, we work in accordance with world-class safety standards and procedures, and in compliance with NFPA 86.

Do you have spare parts, if required, as part of this service?

We have a wide variety of spare parts from the best brands on the market, such as Fives North American, Dungs, Kromschröder, Siemens, Fisher, Honeywell, ASCO, Delta Elektrogas, Hauck, Eclipse and Maxon.


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