Industrial Furnaces Manufacturers for the Metal Industry, with the best technology on insulation systems, combustion equipment, instrumentation, controls and heat recovery systems.

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We are industrial furnace manufacturers, our industrial heat treatment furnaces can be provided for a wide range of temperature ranges and a wide variety of applications. With Fiber lined sections using the patented “Jointless System®” with special design to compensate the fiber shrinkage and the most advanced heat recovery systems with recuperative burners performing fuel savings from 10% up to 50% vs cold air systems.

Industrial Furnace Manufacturers

Each of our kilns and furnaces are designed based on the needs of the client. We do not have standardized models since we understand that each company has different operational requirements, so we adapt our technology to your specific needs.

We have a fully equipped laboratory with advanced combustion, monitoring and control systems. This allows us to perform a wide range of scale tests and virtual design as a primary part of our service. Our team pre-assembles all our furnaces and kilns and in the case of smaller ovens we can also send it fully armed, saving important downtime to our customers.

As industrial furnace manufacturers, we have a strict quality control protocol (QA) for our equipment once they have been assembled, which translates into greater operational reliability and compliance with safety regulations.

We manufacture our industrial furnaces with the best technology


With our SCADA systems, the kiln operators are able to have complete control of their firing process, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Our latest Industry 4.0 developments integrate the latest technology to not only monitor the process, but also to keep the kiln operating in its peak performance with smart maintenance technology.


Our Integrated Multi Zone Pulsing System counts with hardware and software whose purpose is to achieve the best possible temperature uniformity allied to lower fuel. The integrated multi-zone pulsing system allows our customers to use 25% less fuel than with standard technology.

Jointless System ®

Our Jointless® ceramic fiber insulation system has clearly been shown to provide a longer useful life in industrial kilns and to reduce the risks of contamination when used together with our Macro Modules. These Macro Modules enable gas vents to be incorporated into a single-piece structure, thereby eliminating the joints and cover plates commonly found in conventional kiln roofs. In this way, we succeed in eliminating the risk of steel contamination and also loss of useful heat.

Compliance with safety regulations

We are members of the IHEA (Industrial Heating Equipment Association) and the compliance with these standards allows our customers to avoid explosion risks and danger risks to personnel and equipment, resulting in an operation that is as safe as it is efficient. At Nutec Bickley we are experts in industrial safety, so we make sure our kilns and furnaces are, at the very least, fully compliant with all current regulations.

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Great temperature uniformity, performance and quality are some of the characteristics that make us the best designers and manufacturers of furnaces and ovens available in the market.

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