Nutec Bickley manufactures stress relief furnaces for the steel plate working and forming sector.

Stress Relieving After Welding

Using advanced technologies, Nutec Bickley designs, constructs and supplies these furnaces to manufacturers of rail tanks, vessels, large weldments, heat exchanger parts, gas tanks, tools, agricultural machinery, leaf springs, etc.


Furnaces we manufacture for the stress relief process:

  • Our stress relief furnaces are built with heavy duty and stable steel frame and refractory construction.
  • These furnaces have fiber lined sections using our Macro Module system to reduce the number of joints.
  • We make available low mass car bottoms designed to lower fuel consumption, by reducing car heat storage.
  • These furnaces feature our proprietary pulse firing combustion system, delivering excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Cooling nozzle systems on our stress relief furnaces accelerate and control the cooling part of the cycles.
  • Our equipment is AAR (Association of American Railroads) compliant.
Hot Forming

Nutec Bickley provides furnaces with the best technology for the heating of steel flat products before hot forming as leaf springs, rails tanks parts, tools, agricultural parts, plate heat treating. Our equipment

  • Heavy duty and stable steel frame and refractory construction.
  • Infrared sensor control for continuous heaters.
  • Fuel savings in the ranges of xxx % in continuous heater.
  • Decrease of steel Decarburization in continuous heaters.
  • Most advanced heat recovery systems with recuperative burners or central recuperators.
  • Fiber linned sections using the jointless system®. Completely free of joints.
  • Pulse firing combustion system to allow an excellent temperature uniformity.

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Great temperature uniformity, performance and quality are some of the characteristics that make us the best designers and manufacturers of furnaces and ovens available in the market.