Furnaces and ovens designed for batch process applications, and indexing-continuous production.

Roller Hearth Furnaces are a very versatile, efficient configuration, mostly used for index moving of work load baskets.

They can also be set up in an oscillating configuration for long heating cycles on very long stock such as pipe, tubing, strip, and slabs. The roller hearth can also handle heavy loads in high volumes because the rolls enable smooth movement of individual carriers, unlike pusher furnaces which rely on forcing a long line of base trays against each other to achieve movement of the product.

This style of furnace can be continuous or indexing on a fixed interval or can operated via forward/reverse oscillation-in-place to accomplish a particular time-temperature cycle.

If sufficient floor space is available, a roller hearth furnace can accomplish a multi-step process such as stress relief including heat, soak and cool steps, moving the product in a continuous manner.

By using an indexing system the footprint can be much smaller because the hearth advances one basket at a time through the steps.

In the oscillate-in-place type, a long load is moved into the furnace chamber, its doors closed, then the system oscillates to keep the rollers from sagging and when the time-temperature cycle has been completed, the load is quickly powered out of the furnace chamber.

Roller hearth furnaces can accomplish a multi-step process such as stress relief including heat, soak and cool steps, moving the product in a continuous manner.

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Nutec Bickley provides roller hearth ovens in custom designs to match customer production and process requirements.

• High convection design to improve the fast heat up of the load or direct fire system

• Customized air distribution designs in order to match the air flow pattern requirements according with product /load arrangement



• Stable steel frame construction

• Indirect firing option to avoid the contact of combustion products with load

Advantages of continuous roller hearth furnaces

  • Nutec Bickley roller hearth furnaces are designed to meet your heat treating requirements accurately and economically
  • There’s a wide range of sizes and types of electric or fuel-fired heating systems with matched cooling sections and system components such as charge and discharge tables, quench systems, cooling equipment and loaders
  • Experienced Nutec Bickley process specialists select the right combination to meet your production cycle and application requirements
  • We assure that you get a furnace of optimum design for high quality, increased production with minimum investment and operating costs


  • No cooling water requirement
  • Provided for temperatures up to 927ºC (1,700ºF)
  • Pulse firing combustion systems


Industries or process where Roller hearth furnaces are used

  • Hardening, Quenching and Tempering lines
  • Solution Heat Treatment equipment
  • Small batch furnaces with automated load/unload
  • High temperature roller hearth lines


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Great temperature uniformity, performance and quality are some of the characteristics that make us the best designers and manufacturers of furnaces and ovens available in the market.


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