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Combustion Seminar
Aug 28 - 30

Aluminum USA
Sep 12 - 13

NADCA - Die Casting
Oct 1 - 3

Investment Casting
Oct 27 - 30

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Nutec Bickley has a vast know - how on designing tunnel kilns, shuttle kilns and Carbell® kilns to fire all types of refractories shapes.

 Our Kilns for Refractories can be designed to fire refractory materials to up to 1,800°C. (3,200°F).

Among the products that are fired in our kilns, we can find: flow control refractories, basic , mullite, silica and high alumina refractories.




  • Firing
  • Curing
  • Nitriding
  • Debinding

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We design and manufacture kilns for the ceramic industry using leading technology and best practice.