Our more than 50 years of experience designing thermal equipment to fire a wide range of ceramic products gives us the experience to help you find the optimum solution for your needs..

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kilns for ceramics

Carbell® Kilns

Top hat kiln

Nutec Bickley developed this concept and has delivered over 500 Carbell® Kilns to a variety of companies manufacturing ceramics worldwide. Better know as “Top hat kilns”, they has no doors and incorporates an efficient seal design for a low maintenance design. The integrated combustion and control system varies the atmosphere inside this industrial kilns for ceramics, using excess air only when the product requires it, making it very efficient.

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Shuttle Kilns

Shuttle kiln

By integrating our combustion and energy recovery systems we ensure the lowest fuel consumption possible in ceramic firing and excellent Energy Efficiency. In a wide range of capacities and with a choice of door, combustion system, and control designs. With SCADA systems for product quality management and Car handling systems.

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Tunnel Kilns

Tunnel kilns

The best Fuel Consumption in the World and Sanitaryware production with less than 1,000 Kcals/Kg of fired product make Nutec Bickley the most efficient tunnel kiln manufacturers in the market for firing ceramics. Tunnel Kilns for ceramics in high volume production, wide variety and car handling equipment for high volume ceramic production at temperatures of up to 1800°C (3270°F).

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Elevator Kilns

Elevator kiln

The Elevator design offers a very efficient seal between the car and the ceramic kiln reducing to minimum maintenance issues created by heat leakage while firing ceramics at high temperatures for a Low Maintenance Design. Available with updraft or downdraft exhaust designs and are ideally suited for high temperature firing of small batches. Used extensively in the technical ceramics industry and for pilot production of refractories and specialty ceramics.

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Roller Kilns

Roller hearth kiln

The Roller Kilns for ceramics offers the manufacturer a fuel efficient solution where cycles are fast and products require a very tight temperature uniformity. A fuel efficient solution where cycles are fast and products require a very tight temperature uniformity for special technical applications. With a Power Failure Protection System and our exclusive Jointless® fiber system.

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We design and manufacture kilns for the ceramic industry using leading technology and best manufacturing practice.


Your benefits with Nutec Bickley

We are committed to offer not only quality products, but also quality service that exceeds expectations.

Fuel Savings

All of our systems include features that make our kilns some of the most efficient in the world, by using the latest technology with IMPSR , preheated combustion air, self recuperative and regenerative technology, we can achieve this.

Improved Product Quality

Product quality is oen improved in most cases firing rejects are entirely eliminated due to the extremely high degree of temperature uniformity and precise reproducibility achieved with the Nutec Bickley kilns.

Complete Process Control

All the key factors influencing kiln performance such as air fuel ratio, temperature in various parts of the kiln, product feed time, energy recovery, atmosphere, kiln pressure, and rates of heating and cooling are controllable and programmable with our control and supervisory systems.



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